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Things you should avoid if you want to save money (opinion)

With the effect of Corona virus pandemic, saving as become very difficult. Here are few things to avoid if you want to save money during this pandemic.

Sport betting

If you trying to save money during this pandemic, sport betting is one of the things you should avoid. No doubt, people have won large amount of money from sport betting but a lot of people have lost their entire saves to sport betting. Sport betting can be addictive making it difficult to stop even when you know you are losing a lot of money.

Being idle

Have you notice how much you spend when you have nothing to do? Being idle makes you take from your savings rather than adding to it. If you really want to save money.

Inadequate planning

This has affected alot of people. Inadequate planning is one thing you will have to avoid if you really want to save money.


Womanizing is one thing you should also avoid, if you trying to save. You will realize how much airtime and money you could save if you stop womanizing.

Drinking frequently

Aside from being dangerous to the health, it's also something you should avoid if you trying to save money. Have you ever wondered why most people who spend majority at the beer parlor have little or no savings? This is because they spend most of their time planning on how to get a drink rather than how to save money.

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