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The Most Expensive Bullets In The World Cost $3000

The thought of having the most expensive bullet in the world is very rare and seems uncommon, because everyone knows that bullets have no value unless it is being used as protection or for hunting. Therefore people see bullets as cheap products or arms, but little do they know that an online retailer of custom bullets known as Bullet Forge, has decided to create the most expensive bullet in the world.

Bullet forge being a retailer , sells golden bullets, platinum bullets and a lot of silver bullets. Their premium offer , however , is this 45 ACP hollow point made of 14- karat white gold. Mounted within the hollow points are ninety diamonds surrounding a sparkling amethyst. Like all the bullets made by Bullet Forge , this one is inert and can not be fired. It has a loop attached to it's bottom so it can be worn as a necklace.

The retailer also offers a 9mm, also made from 14karat white gold, with only diamonds mounted at the hollow point.

These two bullets sells for about $3000 , although , as customs the price varies depending on the material used to create them. Imagine being shot by one of these , would you return it ?.

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