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Avoid Public Embarrassment, Don't Call It 'Complimentary Card'. See The Correct Word and Others

We are currently living in a computer age and everybody is expected to be educated in school. When you are educated in school, you will begin to speak good drama with vocabulary. There is so much joy to be confident in your public speech, you must learn how to pronounce all your vocabularies correctly so as not to disgrace your self in the public while speaking English.

Today, I am going to teach you 4 words that are commonly pronounced wrong globally especially by people in Nigeria.

1. Complimentary Card

Complimentary cards are widely known as an official card which details a business or a company. It is mostly given to clients or customers by a seller, trader, or company. The real of 'complimentary' is Free which is a 'free card' and it wrongly pronounced by most people.

The correct word for a complementary card is "Business Card".

For Example.

1. I Gave Stephen My Complimentary Card = Wrong

2. Stephen Gave Me His Business Card = Correct

2. Gist

Gist simply means to say or whisper something to a person about a secret. Many people in Nigeria do use Gist in their speech or sentences, some also use it in verb form such as 'Esther Gisted to Tolu about prince Scandal' which is very wrong.

The correct word for Gist is Gossip.

For example.

1. Did you want to hear another gist? = Wrong

2. Amaka like to Gossip about Tunde = Correct

3. Running Nose

This means having slight problem when breathing. Most people usually experience this nose problem during cold weather. Honestly speaking, 'Running Nose' means a nose that have leg and is running at speed.

The Correct Word For 'Running Nose' Is Runny Nose.

For example.

1. I have a running nose = wrong.

2. My doctor told me that I have a runny nose at the moment = Correct.

In conclusion, Always try to open and revise your dictionary to check and update your vocabulary. This will give you the audacity to talk in a place crowded with elites.

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Remember Nobody Is Perfect in the speaking of English!!

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