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Economically stabilize your business after the coronavirus crisis

The confinement that lasted for long weeks in France was intended to reduce the impact of the health disaster that struck the country. It has paid off and the French can finally start to slowly resume a normal pace of life. Nevertheless this very special period had a direct effect on the economy. Consumption has fallen, which has impacted the business world. Many small, medium and large groups are today in financial difficulty. So how can we stabilize economically after the crisis? Here are some ideas.

Reinforce teleworking

If it was gradually starting to settle in the corporate world in France, teleworking has been propelled to the fore by confinement. It was for many companies the only way to continue their activities. Watching employees work remotely is not always viewed favorably by managers.who like to have their teams on hand. However, the coronavirus crisis has proven that this system can prove to be effective. Better still, it can save money. Office rental is often a large part of the budget. By reducing the number of employees physically present, companies will be able to choose to use smaller and less expensive premises. The regular implementation of telework can be an economically attractive avenue for businesses in difficulty.

Choose safe investments

During the crisis, many French people chose to turn to safe investments such as the Livret A. It is the guarantee of investing their money without losing any. This type of safe investment is also available for businesses, including the very popular term accounts (CAT) and term deposits (DAT). Company managers can invest part of their capital for a defined period with the bank with an interest rate which is also defined in advance. The German start-up Raisingoes even further by offering similar formulas in partnership with European banks this time, to allow German companies to benefit from the most attractive interest rates on the continent. It is not impossible to see this model land in France in some time, a concept that could appeal to our companies. For the moment Raisin offers this savings service only to individuals in France.

Open up to new perspectives

Some companies have had to rethink their business model to survive. We have seen it in catering, where many establishments have focused their sales on deliveries . This type of change of course is possible in other areas. Some leaders have been able to realize with this crisis that new priorities are needed. This post-crisis can therefore be a time for reflection, a boon for leaders who will not be afraid to rethink their business model. Similarly, it is very likely that the French consume differently. So there are things to anticipate for managers, the client of 2019 will not react like the client of 2020. Adapting, anticipating, this can offer new perspectives and may even be a bright future.

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