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Seven Facts About Igbo Men Which Make Them The Best

Igbo is a tribe in the south eastern part of Nigeria which includes Anambra, Imo, Enugu and other states. Igbo also constitute a part in the South South Nigeria. Although, majority of people in that zone are not really Igbo.

However, when we talk about Igbo men being the best; what will come to your mind is how are they best and what is that thing exactly which makes them stand out among others? 

Of course, Igbo men are undoubtedly one of the best peoples you can ever associate with in this country. I'm not disputing the fact that they also have their weaknesses in which there is nobody or no tribe who don't have their weaknesses. But when it comes to Igbo men, there are many things you can learn from them, gain from them and make out of them. 

The good news is that Nigeria is blessed with different tribes and ethnic groups. And no one is disputing the fact that all the tribe in Nigeria are good people and they are all working toward the peaceful coexistence of one Nigeria.

However, to buttress my opinion about saying that Igbo men are the best; here are some reasons why they have proven to be the best:

1. Igbo men are industrious: One of those attributes you will cherish in igbo men is that they are very industrious. The fact that they are always busy with their businesses and skills is to tell you how industrious they are. You will never find a Igbo man gossiping very early in the morning. He will rather be busy doing something reasonable or is either he is busy with his business. Igbo men are industrious and they are always ready to get things done.

2. They are risk takers: in the beginning of this article, I said you'll learn a lot when you associate with an igbo man. Of course, Igbo men are industrious and they are always ready to do what you don't expect them to do. As per business is concerned, they can spend anything on any business believing the fact that it will yield profit. They are always optimistic and hopeful, that is why you wouldn't blame yourself, associating with them.

3. They raise others/ link others to greatness: When an Igbo man begins to make it, they will also make sure he reveals the secret of his wealth to one of his brothers so he can also have his way. They often do all their best to link others to greatness. Of course, they are committed to bringing their kinsmen to the city so as to show them how to run businesses.

4. They have a free mind: One thing about Igbo men is that they don't hate, keep grudges or malice. When you begin to upset them, they will tell you immediately rather than keeping malice with you. An Igbo man will introduce his brothers' businesses to his customer when he knows he doesn't have what they are looking for.

5. They seriously love their women and do everything to protect her: Igbo men often love their women even more than any other tribe in this country. They often take good care of them to the extent of not allowing a single ant to touch them. Of course, you wouldn't want to avoid marrying an Igbo man, because they have what it takes to be a good husband.

6. They improve the economy of a town, state or any country they find themselves: This is another thing about Igbo men. They will always do their best to improve the economy of the certain place they find themselves by creating businesses and investments. This is to say, when you have an Igbo man in your community, he will surely be an asset to you.

However, Igbo men are very good in many aspects which may not have been included in this article. If you have anything contrary or in support of my claim, drop your view in the comment section.

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Content created and supplied by: Olaniyi.Ololade.Moses (via Opera News )

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