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Poverty Must End; 5 Mastering Guides To Wealth Creation.

In the world today, as the gap between the rich and poor widens, most people believe the solution to the widening wealth inequality is to take from the rich and give to the poor. Let’s say we took to this advice and agree to divide all the wealth in the world equally to everyone on the planet, assuming everyone gets about $50,500 (18 million naira). Does that end poverty? Let's see how its going to play out.

Most people will keep their money in the banks and people that own banks will start getting richer, majority will go after their dream car, house, etc of which the manufacturers and builders of these cars and houses will also get richer. Only few will think of the idea of creating products and services for the society that now seem to have a lot of money to spend, so more than few will develop the skills to keep making more money.

In about seven to ten years, we’ll probably return to where we started or perhaps a little worse because we’ll now have more poor people with over inflated egos. The point is; if you don’t change the mindset, nothing will change.

Research shows It's the mindset, the way we think, that's what differentiate the rich from the poor. Do you know some people became rich with the money you felt was too small to start off with? Stop procrastination, Do it now!

Here are some powerful guidelines i compiled to help you put your brain and mind on the right track to wealth creation.


You might be wondering what game? It's the game of numbers. Poor people are quick to complain about why entertainers earn so much money whereas a hardworking school teacher goes home with miserable pay. What they don’t understand is that wealth is attracted to numbers. Your earning is directly proportional to the number of people you can efficiently serve in the society, whether directly or indirectly.


Values are essential part of life, they guide, navigate and drive fulfillment. A truly poor person is one without values and positive character. A man without values is like a ship without rudder that is tossed to and fro by the wind, he has no sense of purpose or direction.

Build your personality starting with; the things you do, the way you dress, the way you talk and the things you say, these characteristics speaks more about who you are and who you will become.


"The only difference between a rich person and a poor person is how they use their time”. The poor are victim of time. In their old age they look back and realize they used their time unproductively, chasing after emotions rather than reality . The rich understands the efficacy of time management so he protects and prioritizes his time by paying others to handle less important things.

We all have priorities. People choice what to do with their time based on their priority. Poor people prioritize based on emotion and what comes easier to them; you see them giving birth in abundance despite their pitiable situation. Whereas rich people prioritize based on what’s more important without sentiment.

Kids need good education, decent clothing, shelter and access to quality health care. These require a lot of money. The irony is that while many poor people give birth without restraint, the rich are the ones who pay attention to having fewer kids. That is how poor people continue to recycle a generation of poverty.

4. Take Calculated Risks.

Life is a game of risk and those who take more risk are the ones likely to make their life count. The average poor person is afraid to take a leap. He’ll rather sit comfortably in his comfort zone so far he's getting his salary. The rich however, are willing to go the extra mile for their dreams and achieve the impossible. Poor people work for money, rich people learn from the job.

5. Plan And Invest.

Most people don’t invest in assets that generate returns and appreciate in value. They randomly invest in properties, real estate, businesses or people. They believe God will provide and tomorrow will take care of itself. People who become rich also believe in God and still invest in assets that appreciates in value.

The poor are rarely planners; they are not financially accountable and run their affairs without deliberate financial planning. This lack of financial accountability is what differentiates them from the rich. The rich don’t spend on impulse; with them any financial transactions or commitment must be accounted for.

In conclusion, always remember that the rich people and the poor people are serving the same God. Although there are poor people in circumstances that are beyond their control, but the majority of people reading this article have the power to change their life, and that's if they will accept to take responsibility for their life.

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