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Foreign exchange

The first 20 African countries with the highest money value and their currency.

Africa is a blessed country made up of men, women, boys and girls and other living and non living things o like other continents.

Africa is blessed with a lot of mineral resources and other raw materials which made her one amongst the best continents in the world at large. Again the continent is well blessed with many currencies which either higher or lover than the other when compared with the US dollar. Further more, many exports and imports are done between the lovely countries of this great continent proofing the love and inter-relation between them.

Below are the first 20 African countries with the highest currency value and their raw materials :

1. LIBYA: most known raw materia in libya is crude oil and their currency is Dinnar. (1 USD=1.41 LD)

2. TUNISIA: this country's currency is the Dinar(1USD=2.28DT)

3. GHANA: Ghana is the third in Africa with "Cedi" as their currency. (1 USD =

4. MOROCCO: The number 4 is morocco and their currency is "dirham" (1 USD = 2.89 MAD)

5. BOTSWANA: Botswana's currency is the "pula" (1 USD = 10.90P)

6. ZAMBIA: The Zambian currency is the number sex and it is called "kwacha" (1 USD =13.14zk)

7. SEYCHELLOIS has the currency called "rupee" as the number sevens in Africa. (1 USD = 13.64 SR)

8. SOUTH AFRICA : South Africa has the "rand" as their currency and there are other countries that has the same value with her such as (a). Namibian with dollar, (b). Lesotho with loti and(c). Swaziland with lilangeni. (1 USD = 14.87 R)

9. ERITREAN the number nine with the currency called "nakfa" (1 USD =15.00NFK)

10. EGYPT: Egypt as the number ten in Africa is known with "Pounds" (1 USD = 16.30E£)

11. SAO TOME : this country is the eleventh in number with the currency called "dobra" (1 USD =22.23D)

12. ETHEOPIA: ethiopia is the number 12th and their currency is called "birr" (1 USD =29.376Br)

13. MAURITIA: mauritia is known with the currency called "rupee" (1 USD =36.27Rs)

14. MAURITANIA: this is the fourteenth country in Africa with the currency called "ouguiya" (1 USD =37.13UM)

15. SUDAN: sudan is the fifteenth country with the currency called "Pounds" (1 USD =45.06SD)

16. GAMBIA: Gambia is the sixteenth and their currency is called "Dalashi" (1 USD =50.39D)

17. MIZAMBIA: mozambic currency is called "metalic" and it is the number seventeenth I value. (1 USD =61.87MT)

18. CAPE VERDE : cape verde is the eighteenth and their currency is known as "escudo" (1 USD =100.33ESC)

19. KENYA: kenya is typically, the nuunineteenth and their currency is known as "shilling (1 USD =103.84KSH).

20 ALGERIA: algeria is the number 20 and their currency is known as" dinnar" (1 USD =119.64DA)

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