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10 Reason Why you Don't Get called by Employers After Interviews or Submission of Application.

Job seeking is now a life style for almost every graduate today. Getting a good job is a very hard task most especially for a fresh graduate that has not gotten any work experience.

Many can't even recall the number of times they have sent their CV out for job opening while other can't even imagine why their went for interview but still haven't secure the job.

Many have attributed their lack of job to demonic theories and believe, not considering other things around.

The dreams and aspirations of every job seeker is to get that job he or she have being dreaming for . In view of the search for a job and your are not getting here are some reason why you are till unemployed. Which are as follows;

√ Not knowing your Career Path:

√ Lack of work experience

√ Poorly Constructed CV

√ Lack of proper Preparation for Interview

√ Lack of Good Qualification

√ Applying for role that you are not fit

√ Lack of good knowledge of the company

√ Lack of good communication skills

√ Unstable job History

√ Lack of Passion for the Role.

If you really want to secure a job or increase your chances of getting your dream job, then the above mentioned points should be treated with all seriousness.

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