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Npower: massage to those that applied for N-Power batch C.

Welcome dear reader, it was been a while now since the application of npower. Some applicants are yet to know the right thing to do.

Therefore for as you are looking fort for the shortlistment of the npower applicants, here are some of the guidelines to guide you on how to prepare ahead of the interview for the npower job.

Therefore I see that sharing my experience with you as an applicant will definitely be of help to you.

So for you to be among the successful shortlisted candidates, there are things you should know, either you will be among the successful or among those that will be disqualified.

Meanwhile the determination of shortlistment starts on the day you applied for npower.

Below are the guidelines for you to be successful be among the successful shortlisted candidates.

Ensure your date of birth is the same as the one on your bvn platform, if you don't know your correct date of birth, is good you go to your bank an acquire your bvn details first.

Next ensure you name on the documents most be The same as the one of your bank account.

Also ensure your email is active, as these will make it more flexible for communication.

Ensure to avoid typing error during application, here the problem of error in typing can happen when the person filling the online form for you or you are filling it yourself ensure to cross-check your details because failure to confirm your details once submitted, no correction can be done.

Therefore my fellow applicants if only you avoid those mentioned issues above you will sure be shortlisted.

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