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1980s Newspaper Advert of 14 Nigeria Brands and their Prices that will Amaze you.

It is amazing to know that most of the Brands and Products we are using today dated as far back as 1980s. And to think that most of them used communication media present at that time to advert their businesses tells us that awareness is good business strategy every Business owner should master in the course of their businesses.

Here are list of 14 Nigeria Brands Newspaper advert in 1980s and 90s.

1). Peak Milk: Peak milk was one of the first brands of milk in Nigeria. It is astonishing as how they still maintain their top of market for a very long time. As at that time, a tin of peak milk was sold at #1.55.

2). Close -Up Toothpaste: do you know that close -up is over 51 in Nigeria? Yes because it was launched in 1967 exactly seven years after Nigeria Independence. It standard size was sold for #2.20.

3). Nestlé Golden Morn; Boarding students can relate the fact that Golden Morn is one of the best thing that happened to Nigeria as it is one of the survival foods in dormitories. And for to last this long maintaining its good name speaks volume. Its 500g was sold just for #5.15 , students can you fathom this?

4). Blue Band; this children best food was also one of the oldest brands in Nigeria that is still making wave. It is difficult for other margarine brands to fit into its foot path. It was sold for #1.80 per medium size.

5). Bacchus Tonic Wine; named after Roman god of Wine. It is amazing to know that this wine have really come a long way. Its 75cl was sold for #12.95 and 100cl for #16.50.

6). Lipton Yellow Label; this Brand was named after its founder Thomas Lipton and it is over 129 years old as it was introduced in 1890. Back then 25 tea bag of Lipton is just #2.50.

7). Gulder Lager Beer; Lovers of Gulder Alcoholic drinks, here is what its paper advert looked like in 1980s and 90s. It was surprisingly sold for just #1.99 per bottle.

8). Beta Malt; are you surprised? Because I was when I found out that this malt have been around for many decades. And it was sold for 80 kobo per bottle.

9). Vita Malt; Vita malt came to Nigeria since 1960s when there of lack of Vitamin B in the country. Though it unfortunately went out of business's for four starting from 2010, it is back now. It was sold for 80 kobo per bottle.

10). Guinness; This is another top brands in Nigeria that dated as far back as our Independence. And it is still pulling weight in market today. It was sold for #1.50 per bottle.

11). Lux; Lux soap is also one of the oldest brands in Nigeria that stood test of time. It was sold for 90k.

12). Peugeot cars; it is unbelievable that this car was just sold #95,500 for brand new ones. As in not tokombo but Tear Rubber. It makes our list of Nigeria Brands Newspaper advert of 80s and 90s.

13). Shell Oil Companies; it is interesting to know that Shell is almost as old as Nigeria itself. It came into Nigeria in 1938 and is still one of the top oil companies in the country.

14). First Bank Nigeria PLC; just as its name implies, it is the first bank in Nigeria. It was founded in 1894 and below is what its paper advert looked like in 1980s.

Can you relate these Companies and Brands with the products, services and prices today?

Is there any change in their products or designs?

Please use comment section to tell us don't forget to follow and share.

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