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The single bank note with the highest zeros. And it's equivalence in Naira.

Bank notes are printed legal tenders meant to be used and circulated within a given territory. A country's purchasing power in the international market is known by the value and power of their currency.

Countries of the world have a designated number of bank notes and coins for those who still make use of it. The bank note begins from where the coin stops (usually higher than the coins) just for easier circulation purposes.

Nigeria for instance have a total of eight (8) banknotes ranging from 5-1000 Naira. The proposal to make it nine by the addition of 5000 naira note in 2012 was stopped and was never implemented. But in not so far away Zimbabwe thats not a problem for them, as they have nine bank notes from Z$1 up to a hundred trillion (Z$100,000,000,000,000.)Zimbabwean dollars on a single note.

Front view

Back view

The bank note which was issued back In 2009 by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has been recognized as the currency with the highest zeros in the world. It was issued due to growing hyperinflation in the Zimbabwean economy. But despite that it holds no real significance it's equivalence is just 40 cents(not up to a dollar) in US currency and just 46 Naira in Nigerian currency. It can barely buy lunch.

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