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This Ruby Roman Grapes was sold at a price enough to buy land or start up a good business in Nigeria

Many at times, we hear thinks that makes us some of us want to doubt that we were created and loved by God.

I have heard of expensive perfumes sold at a million dollars not even naira example of such expensive perfumes are the DKNY Golden Delicious Million Dollar Fragrance Bottle. See the image of the perfume below:

The perfume is very expensive because many were left to wonder if the fragrance from a drop of it will last forever but not as expensive as these Ruby Roman Grapes.

I say this because the perfume above is contained in gold. Gold prices might inflate very much in the future and the person who bought this will sell it at an auction price even. This might be the reason why the person who bought the perf at such a price might have done it.

Coming back to these grapes. They are perishable stuff that will spoil with time, even if one preserves them in a cryogenic way, the beauty will be lost and one will hardly recognize its grapes if that is done. Below are the photos and comments:

Comments from Nigerians are very hilarious because the money this grape was sold at will be enough to set one up for life. It was sold at approximately N4. 5 million.

Unless it's a cure for diseases like cancer, diabetes, liver or kidney failure, why would anyone want to buy this? But this is a wrong question because someone did buy it and this is why l came to know about it.

Will the reason why the person bought this at the price be that he wanted to be known for something? Even if it is something crazy or is it that the media that reported this, wanted people to just talk about something?

There are many questions that spans from why would one buy this, to who would buy this and is it even true. Which ever question you have going through your mind can only be answered if you go to buy the fruit.

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