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Opera News Is One Of The Best And Should Be Given An Award(Opinion)

Please take note that this article is strictly based on the thought and opinion of the author, and the pictures are not original but they are meant for illustrations.

In this covid-19 pandemic, where government have asked cities to stay at home and all business centres,schools and market places have been closed down, which now lead to insufficient money, no learning and food scarcity and the price of food items have grown up.

Now,these are the reasons I said OPERA NEWS HUB is one of the best and should be given an award. I will be given out three reasons based on my view ,but there are still more reasons but these three reasons are the ones I will be giving.

Boosting of my writing skills

When I joined opera mini news hub,my writing skill was so poor then,but thanks to God for opera mini news hub for their guardlines which have increased my writing skill, though ,I am not yet a professional but at least my writing skill have increased so well.


This is another thing I have learnt from opera mini news hub, creativity. They have made me to be creative especially in writing and this have really boosted up my thinking.

They have boosted up my thinking in such a way that I can think of any thing and used it to create an article, is that not creativity?? Thank to opera mini news hub once again.

Source of income (Money)

Although they have taught me some ways on how to write well ,they still went further to make my writing a source of income.

Opera mini news hub have given me an opportunity on how to make money from writing.they always pay creators based on their work and which have created revenue for creators to make money from online.

As you can see,in this lockdown I have been making some money from opera mini news hub and also learning on how to write well and be creative in writing, THANKS TO OPERA MINI news hub.

And we all creators say a big thank you to OPERA MINI NEWS HUB .

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Content created and supplied by: Jollybronze (via Opera News )



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