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20 Profitable Business You Can Start Without Leaving Your House With 20k Or Less in Nigeria

There are hundreds of small businesses thriving in today's Nigerian society. Some of these small businesses are already giving hundreds of thousands of naira to your neighbors and colleagues.

It's time to wake up and smell the coffee! Instead of waiting all year for an office job that may not even come true, here are 20 small businesses you can start with a little capital while you wait for that dream job. You can start all these businesses with 20,000 Naira (about $ 70) or less.

Technology Companies

# 1 Upload card prints

The charging card you use is not normally printed by the major telecommunications giants you subscribe to. They are printed by ordinary people like you. If you do your research right, you can start this business with just # 20,000.

# 2 Sell freelance computers and TVs

A large number of Nigerians cannot afford to buy brand new computers, laptops or televisions. You can start by first opening a free online social media store, collecting used laptops and TVs and then selling them at a higher price after renovation. Do not see this as difficult, many people are already doing it. The first step is to get a store online or find a small space that you can use for 1000 Naira per. Month, the rest comes with dedication.

# 3 Sell free used phones

Like the small business above in No. 2, it has few or no skills. It can be involved by anyone, including students. Return on investment is almost guaranteed. Again, diligence is the key. However, I would recommend that you do an in-depth study of how to distinguish between "good market" and "bad market".

# 4 Mini cybercafé

Cybercafé has actually gone out of fashion. But students still need to register for JAMB, WAEC, NECO, post-UTME, etc. People who are not digitally savvy also need to register online for various things, including the very important national passport. If you have a laptop, come in here. If you do not have a laptop but have a smartphone, you can start doing this business with people around you until you can get one. This small business can be started just around the corner from your home. All you need is a small space and a banner advertising your services.

Food companies

# 5 Preservation and sale of beans

During the harvest season in Nigeria, foods like beans become very cheap. You can take advantage of this and buy, store and store them for sale during the planting season. You must first have space for storage.

# 6 Buy and resell rice or garri

Rice, especially local rice and garri, is cheaper in some states of the country than in others. You can start a business by buying and selling these foods with just # 20,000. However, you need to make sure that it works as it requires a lot of logistics.

# 7 Fish farming

Small-scale fish farming is easy to start and requires little capital. You can start this right in your backyard with a large basin, a few fingers that fit into it, and fish food. However, I recommend that you do a thorough investigation first.

# 8 Snail breeding

Like fish farming, small-scale snail farming is also lucrative. However, it does require you to take the time to understand how it is done first.

# 9 Poultry farming

This requires a little skill, but also promises a high return on investment. You can start this with a couple of chickens and a cage in make-shift in your backyard.

Service companies

# 10 Dry cleaning

No matter how many dry cleaners there are, more is needed. You can start dry cleaning at home for neighbors. Buy a business card and distribute it. Start manual washing if you do not have a washing machine; No one is interested as long as their clothes are clean, ironed and smell nice. Make your business stand out and you will excel.

# 11 Barbing (haircut)

Starting this business does not necessarily require you to have the ability to crack. You can start this business and get someone to cut their hair. You can even get creative by offering a home shaving service if you are having trouble raising money for rent.

# 12 Restaurant

If you know how to cook, why then clap your hands and complain about unemployment? Start a restaurant, it pays more than your wildest imagination. Here's a little math; If you invest N10,000 in making 100 rice plates that you sell for # 300, you will earn a profit of # 20,000 every day. It's possible! Again, you do not need a store. Identify an office, school, business or where people need food in your area. Create a professional menu and share it. You will be called soon!

# 13 Furniture

Furniture collection, production and sales are really lucrative. You do not have to be a carpenter for this. All you need to do is create and present a catalog of beautiful furniture to potential customers. Once they have placed their order, you can take it to local carpenters to make. Make sure you give your customers quality. However, I recommend that you do a lot of research before starting this.

# 14 Selling newspapers / magazines

This small business is quite easy to start. You can just start by ordering a few copies of the magazines you want to sell and placing them on an improvised shelf on the road (getting a small open space costs less than 5000 Naira per month). You make money by selling or by reading on the spot. You can also pave the way to deliver newspapers or magazines to your home. You can even have someone manage it for you.

# 15 Car wash

Starting a small car wash requires a little capital. The hardest part is getting a workspace ... but again it's not necessary. You can start by identifying potential customers in your area and offering them home service.

General purchase and sale

# 16 Buying and selling clothes; for men, women or children

Clothing store remains lucrative until the end of time. It just depends on how ready you are to start. You can start designing clothes for a cheap price and resell them to friends, colleagues or even online to people.

# 17 Buying and selling jewelry

This business can be started with as little or as much as you are willing to put in ... make it as little as # 20,000 if you buy on alibaba. The higher your investment, the higher your return. You can buy jewelry at a low price from alibaba or other wholesale locations, or you can buy at a local market and resell.

# 18 Buying and selling shoes; man woman or children

Completely identical to clothing stores, this company can be started with a little bit of money. You need to make some contacts first. You can choose to sell brand new or used shoes.

# 19 Selling human hair, Brazilian hair, and other feminine attachments

Many ladies are obsessed with their hair and are willing to spend a lot of money to live up to this obsession. You can start this company that promises high returns. Again, you can buy in local markets or online and resell it to friends, colleagues or people online.

# 20 Buy and sell coal

Charcoal Company is a small business that is very profitable but constantly ignored by Nigerians. You can venture into this and earn money. Easily identify people who need charcoal regularly, buy in bulk and deliver them at a profit.

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