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Ten business opportunity that will fetch you cool money

In the world we are today, only creative people can create wealth from the scratch and hold a foot in today's world.

The time we find ourselves is a generation where the most creative ones are top in with their creative mind.

These are the list of 10 lucrative business that will fetch you money in no time.

1. Snail farming: Imagine a person in a pool of snails or perhaps you live in an area or a village where snails breed as mosquitoes you have a high opportunity. One can start a snail farm and earn up to millions as common in some African countries.

2. Plantain plantation: I've heard of someone who made N 2 million from plantain farming and you are no exception, just try on a large scale.

3. Tailoring

4. Bag making

5. Shoe making

6. Photography

7. Affiliate marketing

8. Hand crafts

9. Catering

10. Palm oil processing

Remember if you wait for time, time won't do the same. lets make do with the time we have.

What's your take on this?

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