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If You Are A Job Seeker, Read This Information

What Every Job Seeker Need To Know

When you see advert for job application online, when sending your applications for the job, you don't just send your CV only and forget your cover letter. The both are part of the applications. 

Unless instructed to send only CV. But you don't send CV (if it was only what they requested) without writing anything compelling in the body of the email to move the employer to find your attached document(s). 

Writing something in the body of the email is a must. "Find the attached for your perusal" only is outdated.

Make it compelling! Something must move the employer to dig your files for a review. Find the right words and put it together in there.

A CV sent without a subject is as good as not sending it. It has no meaning. What for? 

No subject! Nothing written in the body of the email! Oh my Gosh...! Don't be a victim of "I have been applying for jobs with no invitation." 

Every application made through email must have a subject. Always use the title of the job as subject of your email unless instructed otherwise. 

Send your CV and Application (Cover) Letter attached separately or otherwise as instructed.

Ensure you carefully follow instructions of the employer strictly.

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