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Package The Following Things And Start Supplying To Make Money

Nigeria is very much full of opportunities for business. If you open your eyes, you will be amazed at what opportunities awaits you in every aspects of this country. I want to bring to your notice things you can package and supply to vendors in other to make money.

Dry Okro:

This okro is massively dried and grinded dry. It is commonly used in the north to prepare draw soup. But, in some places in the south, the dry okro is used for soup without being grinded. The type of okro you should dry is not the over matured ones, but rather the baby okros. I like the ungrinded okro when it is prepared with egusi soup or with ofor soup. It tastes like tiny pieces of meat. I know am not the only one who knows about dry okro. Different people have their various ways of using this type of okro. Now for business, buy fresh okro during it's season like rainy season and dry them. It can also be dried by air not necessarily with sun alone. Dry them enough to fill 50kg bags. Grind some and leave some ungrinded. When it is ready, supply them to soup ingredients vendors. They will patronize you. Many of the things they sell is supplied to them by people.

Plantain Flour:

This flour is very much patronized by people who are observing diets, weight losers and diabetes patients. The flour is very much satisfying when consumed. The type of plantain needed for this business is not the bunchy plantains but rather, the unbunched types. The unbunched plantain are more in numbers than the bunched ones. This flour is prepared by drying a reasonable amount of plantains, dry, grind and package the products for distribution.

Dry Sweet Potatoes:

This can be made by drying sweet potatoes. The dried sweet potatoes serves as sweetener for kunu drink. During the sweet potato season, buy the potatoes in bags, peel and dry them. Store them till when it is scarce as, you will for sure make good money when they are sold.

Bitter leaves:

Bitter leaf is used in making soup such as egusi, ogbono and cocoyam soup. This soups are well loved by many and so, the leave can be a source of good money for you. Do you know that you can supply a freshly washed bitter leaves as a business on its own? Majority of the vegetable sellers seeks for fresh bitter leaves suppliers because, they are too busy to wash the bitter leaves themselves and their customers needs the washed bitter leaves more than the unwashed ones. Get much of the bitter leaves, wash them and take to the market. The vegetable sellers will tell you how they buy the bitter leaves in buckets or in any other measurement of their choice.

Beans Flour:

This business is very interesting because people will definitely patronize it. Bean cake (moi moi) and akara is very much loved by many but the stress of preparing it is in the washing. People do not really have the time to wash, grind and start all the process of preparing the bean cake. One of the reason why this business is lucrative is, because grinded things are increased in sizes. Get the beans in bag(s), wash, dry and grind the beans. Then packaged in sachet form nylon, for supply.

Heinsia Crinita (Atama)

This vegetable is used to prepare a very delicious soup mostly consumed by the southerners. The vegetables can be used fresher or dried but, in whichever form it is used, it will still be delicious. Drying this leaves, packaging in nylon and supplying to vegetable vendors will give you some extra cash.

The above mentioned businesses are for your kind considerations.

Read and share to others.

Thank you.

Favour Victor

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