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Effects of corporate image management.

corporate image management is the idea people have for a company, company's product is no longer the chief media projecting its image. what count more today is the public posture of management, its concern for consumer's welfare and its visible response to imperative social and economic needs. it is a kind of public stereotype of what every body knows about a company. According to Miner (1978:32) defines corporate images management as the total of all impression of a company in the consciousness of the various public, customers, suppliers, stockholder, banks, potential investors , competitors, government officials and the general public.

Making good product, marketing them aggressively, paying fair wages to the employees and paying taxes is not just enough to maintain a competitive edge. There are economic and social responsibility that faces every business, companies must give the public the same order of priority it gives to finance, marketing, research and technological change, failure to do so it cannot command respect and regard. To achieve a good corporate image management there are steps to follow (1) There must be a provision for a continuous review of organizational vision to ensure that deviation from actual image to the desired image dose not go beyond acceptable unite. (2) provision for the participant if all organization members in fostering a good image for the company in order to minimize contradictory action that will pull the firm image in opposite direction (3) provide economic surety to members and to relieve them of material anxiety or strewing for personal advancement at the cost of others.(4) Corporate image required a long term planning.

In order to gain the support of the public corporate image must show that management is progressing, open to innovation, fair to all and free of dogma and convention. Creating and promoting a corporate personality , objective, beliefs, reputation and advancement to its public in order to gain their goodwill.

The Importance of corporate image:

several faction have contributed to the increasing importance of corporate image in recent years for example, the business climate has become one of environmental complexity and change, this has forced many business enterprise to significantly alter their strategies to better compete and survive the acceleration of product life cycle in another vital dimension of the turbulent business environment. globalization is another catalyst in the rise of corporate image programs as companies have sought way to spread their reputation to distance market. Another factor stimulating current interest in corporate image is the society's growing expectation, today consumers considers the environment and social image of firms in making their purchasing decision some companies have recognized their reality and reaped tremendous benefit by conducting themselves in social and environmentally responsible manner.some of the companies act out of genuine altruism while others act of simple recognition of the business benefit of such behavior.

unfortunately , there are companies or organizations that do not have department or unit with specific responsibility for managing the image of the company, such firm should know that company image is considered to be an important determinant of long-term sale and profit, it is used as an objective not only for an advertising programme but for marketing and organization as a whole.


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