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Stop Saying "You Are Welcome", Here Are 10 Other Ways To Respond To "Thank You"

Stop Saying "You Are Welcome", Here Are 10 Other Ways To Respond To "Thank You"

Welcome to my today's grammar class. Please if you are yet to Subscribe to my Channel, kindly do so by simply hitting the "follow" button so that you can be updated each time I drop a new tech. 

In today's class, we are going to be discussing 10 other ways to respond to "Thank You" aside "You are welcome".

The aim of this class is to broaden your knowledge and make you versatile in your daily interaction with people. 

"You are welcome" as response to "Thank You" has been overused, therefore, there is need to learn other ways so that you can speak differently and become a unique speaker. 

This lesson on 10 other ways to respond to "Thank you" is going to be divided into two parts:

✓ Informal ways

✓ Formal ways

Informal ways

When we talk about informal ways of responding to "Thank You", we mean to say unofficial ways of saying it. When you are talking to your family and friends, you are free to use the informal ways.

Note: Before you tell someone "Thank You", it means that people must have done something for you. Even if it was a "Sorry or hard luck", it is something you need to appreciate with a "Thank you".

They includes;

1. You mean all these for me? Thank you so much.

Response: It was the least I could do.

2. Thank you for honouring my invitation.

Response: The pleasure is mine.

3. I really appreciate your help. Thank you so much.

Response: Please don't Mention 

4. You really surprised me with the alert. Thank you very much.

Response: It was nothing.

5. Thank you for saving my brother.

Response: Any time.

6. I couldn't believe you did this for me. Thank you so much.

Response: All Thanks to God.

Formal ways. 

These has to do with businesses and Official affairs. 

In this case, your response must be more formal than when responding to that of your friends and relatives.

They includes;

7. You really saved me from the Manager Today. Thank you very much.

Response: I'm very much obliged.

8. Our business is beginning to boom because of your efforts. Thank you for being part of our success.

Response: I'm happy to help.

9. Thank you for your partnership.

Response: We appreciate your business.

10. You did a very nice job. Thank you so much.

Response: I'm motivated.

That's it for the class. If you have learnt something please encourage me by sharing this article.

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