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Top 4 Legit Part-Time Job That Pay You At Month End With No Startup Capital, Number 2 is By Passion

Top 4Ways To Make Money Online During This Lockdown

This days most companies have resolved to shut down while some have refused to pay their workers due to shortfall from revenue arising from the coronavirus pandemic currently ravaging most countries in the world.

However with that many people have resolved to doing some few legit online businesses which will pay individuals provided they perform a particular task given to them .

Some websites that appears to be original and which promise to pay you for your services online usually ends up failing to pay, but today I have taken my time to write out 5 tested, trusted and verified sites that you can make a living from online and registration is absolutely free for them.

Here are the websites we will be talking about

1. Wowapp:

Wow app is simple and easy to use, Wow app offering various type of money earning ways, most popular is watch a video at every one hour, app downloads and earn money from a smartphone. There are 6 ways to earn, games, shop online, talk, instant earn, Lockscreen ads, advertise me, every time when the complete small task you earn some points/wow coins.

100 wow coins = 1$, after some time you can convert that wow coins into free PayPal cash or transfers directly into your bank account( for nigerians and other all countries ) Wow app pays you to refer your friend’s up to 8 levels.

2. Opera News hub

One of the sure ways to make money during this lockdown is through opera news hub. The news hub is a new online media platform where content creators can use their passion in writing creative articles to make money.

It allows its creators get exposed to various ways of impacting knowledge through various brain works and dedicated time to develop mind blowing articles.

Opera allows you to connect to the world and share your view about a particular issue which will in turn benefit the readers. The money paid on articles are over click and more money can be made with how genuine and original your article is among the rest. Opera place much emphasis on original content on the website and writers are paid before the end of the second month for the revenue accrued in the previous month.

To register kindly visit www. to create an account and start making money

3. DigiAdd

This is platform where advertisers can share ads or social media tasks like Likes, views, Follows, on all the social media platforms. As an Advertisers for Digiadd, you can share ads on WhatsApp.

If you are the busy type, you can work as a referal on Digiadd and earn your cool money from that daily.

Digiadd gives you task mostly on WhatsApp by posting an advert on WhatsApp and you will be paid based on the plan you subscribe to. Task completed revenue are paid on daily basis but you can only withdraw by weekend.

If interested , visit

4. Crypto tab

its a browser that rewards you with bitcoin for Using it

All the above mentioned hustle dosent really take much time and energy at all, its only a Matter of brain work and endurance

Try it out and let's see your reaction to that

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By Passion Wowapp


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