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How to Convert all your Giftcards to Naira and receive Money in your local Bank.

Please kindly read carefully to be able to understand the instructions, if you encounter an error along the way, start from the beginning. You will understand

Are you a user of iPhone or you have a relative who lives overseas and have been having difficulty receiving money from them? Do you receive gift cards from your friends as a birthday presents or you just have excess cards on on your phone? Well you see, I'm using this medium to tell you that all those gifts cards which you have been loading your phone, just because you wanted to download some games, apps or songs could, they turn to real cash for you when you know how to convert them.

I am telling you this because I made a research on how the physical gift cards are being used by most Nigerians, after my long findings, I discovered that 80% of all people who use these gift cards, they only use them for either downloading songs, applications, play games, watch movies etc. Whereas there is more to the benefits of gifts cards, Infact, the number one major benefit of this Card is that, your friends and families could just walk into a store and buy you the card instead of going all the way down to the Bank where He will pass through some stress.

They could just buy any of the cards and send them directly to you, then you will convert it to cash easily and stress-free, and in no minutes.

Without wasting much time, here is how you can convert any valid gift cards to cash.

Most of the cards are found in America stores or you can order them online.

Like we know, the gift cards are of different cards ranging from amazon to steam to iTunes to eBay etc...

We can convert every each and every one of them to cash and receive money in our local bank account.

For example, let us say that the card which we wanted to convert was sent to you by an American, then he could buy a $100 USD worth of either Amazon, Steam, ITunes etc Giftcards. Tell him to scratch the pin area gently and send snap it to you.

This is an example of what he will send,

Now, to convert it, we simply go-to on our Opera mini browser.

Create your account with your email, meanwhile, it could ask you IV code, just type M024889 and you are good to-go.

Verify your email and login, login to your dashboard.

After that, click on trade according to the type of cards you want to convert, upload your cards then fill in the price of the card in $.

Wait for some minutes for it to be reviewed (it usually take less than 20 minutes). After it is approved, this is is the next screen it will bring

And boom! We are done! If the card is a valid card, surely, this is the next screen it will show you as "successful", otherwise it will show you the below as "refused"

The money will be credited immediately inside inside your wallet. Like in the below pic:

Then you can withdraw the money into your bank account in matter of minutes. It is so easy and free.

Don't worry about your safety, AfrBtc are registered company under CAC.

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