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One Attitude You Must Have If You Want To Succeed In Life

The One Attitude That Can Guarantee Your Success in Life.

There is one 'attitude' i know that can guarantee that you succeed in life.

If you can maintain this attitude in good and bad times, easy and tough times you will, most definitely be successful either in your business or any other life endeavour.

I am talking about the attitude of consistency and persistence.

I like to call it the "never give up" attitude.

The attitude that always says "I won't stop trying until i succeed". The attitude that says "Yes, i didn't do so well today, but i will try to do better tomorrow."

This is one attitude that most people lack today and it is responsible for so many failures. Some people were well on their way towards providing solutions for some our worst problems, but they gave up.

Who knows what could have happened if they persevered a little more?

Who knows what would have happened if they didn't give up?

Let's talk about you now, who knows what will happen if you don't give up?

Yes, i know you are tired and discouraged.

But, who knows what will happen if you just fight it through?

Come to think of it, you are going through some pain already. Why not persevere long enough to get some profit out of your pain!

What do you stand to gain by quitting? Nothing, absolutely nothing!

What if The Great Nelson Mandela gave up when he was put in prison?

What would have happened to the black people in South Africa?

What if Thomas Edison had given up on his research and experiments before he had a breakthrough with the light bulb that we all enjoy today?

What if the Wright Brothers had given up on their attempt to invent the airplanes after they experienced a few setbacks?

What if Coca-Cola went out of business after it's first year because it sold only 12 bottles?

There are many other 'what ifs?' i can ask, but i want you to think deeply about what i'm saying.

Your success is not just about you, think about the numerous people who would benefit from it.

I am not a motivational speaker or writer, i'm just someone who wants to see you succeed.

One of the things you must do if you will ever attain success is that you will never give up and you will keep on moving towards your dream of becoming successful, EVERYDAY!

It takes commitment, determination, discipline and accountability.

Be committed to pursuing your dreams, goals and aspirations.

Be disciplined enough to do it continously and consistently, EVERYDAY!

Be accountable to someone who wants you to succeed too!

This is very important, get someone who can hold you accountable.

Someone who can monitor your progress, make sure you don't give up and can offer you necessary support.

Remember, the goal is never to give up, to keep grinding and climbing until we get to the very top.

I do hope you are inspired and you have decided never to give up?

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