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Foreign exchange

Meet a 16 year self-taught Forex trader who turned £150 into more than £60,000 in less than a year.

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Edward Rocketts, who says he was just 16 when he spotted a Foreign Exchange Marketer boasting on Instagram about how much he was making and shows of his flash cars and designer clothes etc. when the 16 years collage boy Edward asked him for tips, he was told that without formal training never succeed.

Edward, from Tottenham, London believes he is the UK's youngest #Forex trader and says he doesn't know any trader of his age who is making serious money like him at the moment.

He says he try to monitor the trade between collage classes and still make good gains and most of his biggest gains comes from following #News stories about key #Brexit negotiations and because he's good at trading now he charges more than 100 clients up to £120 a tip.

In July last year, Edward opened up his first trading account and deposited £150 out of his pocket money, in December alone, he made over £14,000 and despite loses up to £10,000 at one time, his account shows an overall of £63,000. Edward has bought himself a few treats - including a £350 Louis Vuitton wallet, a pair of £800 shoes and a £2,000 good pendant that spells out 'Edz'

Edward trading from a mobile phone and all his trades are on Blue.

Edward says 'My main goal is to just keep saving, i want to go into property investment when i'm older'.

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