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Meet the man who has 226 Guiness World records

Ashrita Furman is a 66 year old American who is also a Guiness World record holder.

Ashrita Furman holds the record for the most Guiness World records. As of 2017 , Ashrita Furman has set more that 600 official Guiness records and currently holds 226 records. His most recent is 31 watermelons sliced on his stomach in one minute. Since 1979 , Furman has been breaking records.

The Guiness Book of World records is a book that holds amazing and unbelievable acts that someone has done which no other person has done before. For a person to be in the Guiness Book of World records , it is like a lifetime achievement , now imagine someone having a total of 226 records in the book. It is very surprising and amazing.

Ashrita Furman (born Keith Furman) was born on September 16 , 1954 in Brooklyn , New York. He works as a Health food store manager and has been active in breaking records since 1979 as mentioned earlier. When he was young , he was fascinated with the Guiness Book of World records but he never for once thought he could ever break a record since he was unathletic.

But as time went on , things changed when he became a teenager. Ashrita Furman now has a a lot of records to his name and has become popular worldwide. A few more notable records he currently holds: Most beer bottles opened by chainsaw in one minute (24), most jelly eaten with chopsticks in one minute (1 pound, 7.95 ounces), farthest distance to blow a coin(16 feet, 2.76 inches), and fastest mile on pogo stick while juggling(23 minutes, 28 seconds among many others.

See more photos of Ashrita Furman breaking records

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