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5 Hints to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur Revealed By Aliko Dangote.

Most people dream of becoming a successful and influential entrepreneur and business man. Some might have the privilege but fails to fulfill certain things in their various businesses. However, Aliko Dangote is no new to any of us as he is the President of Dangote's Industries and precently Africa's richest man. He is a successful business man in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

With different research, I have been able to compile a list of hints revealed by Aliko Dangote in interviews with different business Mongols like Blomberg etc.

He clearly explained how he attained the level he is now in various occasions.

Below are the 5 Hints Revealed by Dangote:


The highly respected Nigerian businessman revealed that being consistent in a particular business prone at high growth in the business. He advised Nigerian businessmen to be consistent with what ever they do in other to grow your business.

2. Pay attention to People:

One of the key point recommended by Dangote was listening to other people and learning from them. He said in other to be successful in life, every entrepreneur or businessman should listen to people in other to acquire more knowledge from different streams.

3. Have a Business Vision:

'Striving to be successful in life will be a waste of time if you do not have a business vision' said Dangote in an interview. He clarified this fact adding that every entrepreneur must invest in business he has passions for and not jump from one business to the other.

4. Think ahead:

Thinking ahead will help every entrepreneur rt rid of competition in business. He also recommended that time and money planning is hugely involved in every business. Having the mentality of ‘crossing the bridge’ only when you get there is not good enough. You should start thinking of ways to overcome the challenges you have. Thinking ahead will help you get rid of competition.

5. Have the Right Information:

Venturing into a business without having clues about the pros and cons is not a good move. Dangote said he has never invested in any business without having substantial information about the business. Do not be goaded into making the wrong business decision simply because you do not have the right information.

In a rap, I coin out this fact adding that in other to becoming a successful businessmen and entrepreneurs should have interst and a clear knowledge of any business before goih into it.

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