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Great Lessons From The Best Business Book Ever, The Business Adventure, By John Brooks

Great Lessons From The Best Business Book Ever, The Business Adventure, By John Brooks

Do you care to know the best business book ever written in the world? Are you willing to learn and gain one or two business principles from the book? If so, you will find the book useful at any level of your business and personal growth in life.


There are many books written about business in the world today, by the world’s best brain, yet, I doubt if many of you have been able to turn what you read and learnt into a $100 billion dollars plus business. This is what Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, the two world’s richness men did, after putting to use the invaluable business and life lessons they learnt in the book.

The book is called Business Adventure, and written by John Brooks(Dec 5,1920-July 27,1993).He was a prolific writer,syndicated columnist ,financial journalist and authors of several books.

Bill Gates,the world's richest man is a bibliophile,what you refer to as a book lover.He loves and adore books,of all kinds.He buys them,in volumes and reads them voraciously,in quantity.He reads over 50 books a year,just like his friend,Warren Buffet,another richest man in the world.

Such great minds,thrives on ideas.It is these ideas that makes them to rule the world and assumed an unchallenged dominance in their respective fields.

During their chanced meeting in 1991,the unique request Bill Gates made from Warren Buffet,was to recommend to him,his favorite book on business,realizing Buffet had been a dominant investor and a global business leader.Without wasting time,Buffet,recommended John Brook's evergreen book called,Business Adventure.Buffet,later loaned his copy to Gates,until he could get his own copies.

What The Book Is All About

Business Adventure,the book by John Brooks,is a documentation of twelve inspiring business stories,(both failures and successes), about some of the most defining moment in the 20th century corporate America.At that period,several corporation were birthed,while some folded up,each with a particular instigating factors.

Several companies,that will be of business interest in the future, were notably profiled.Policies,programmes and events that shaped their establishement and extinctions,were carefully chronicled.The well detailed accounts,as it related to finance,management,leadership,marketing,for each of the companies,while they were operative,has become a treasure trove to serve as a guide and financial mentors,to many readers who will read,assimilate and put to practice,all principles,failures,business strategies,documented in the book.


What The Book Will Teach You

The book will teach you how to effectively run your company,for profitability.Many tries to float and run a business entity today,without much success.The book not only taught how to run a business,but also dealt with the principles of delegation,leveraging,diverse portfolio investment,and how you can change your job or negotiate for pay rise

In todays competitive business world,a business manager,cannot afford to waste lean resources,when windows of opportunies,to avoid or limit business mistakes is enormous.Here,the place of mentors,remain relevant.Here again,the expireinces glean fronm the rise and fall of many big corporations and their leaders, will be very a very useful guides.


Lessons From The Book

That a potential investors need to pay keen attention to their market or business niche,so they can know it enough, to easily penetrate  and compete for profit in the said market.

The we should always keep keen eyes on our competition and competitors, understanding them better, to enable easy penetration into the markets,for profitability and sustainability.

The we should avoid revenge in business and in real life situations, because revenge is dangerous and counterproductive.

That a small group of determined individual,especially in the competitive business environment, can prevail against a bigger and stronger undetermined foe

It noted that when you become indifference to change, you become obsolete and worn out, hence, the need to constantly innovate, change or flow with the tide, when necessary.

John Brooks,noted in the book,that failure,in business,or other life endeavours, is not a bad thing,he admonished such businesses to accept failures with equanimity,to learn from it and move on from it,for profitability.

That any business that will thrive and flourish,must never estimate the importance of company’s cultures and values,as this key factor,determine the speed or heights,which the organization will attaines,now orin the future.

Reading and internalizing the book and all the principles contained in it, was very impactful to the extent, that the book helped both Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, to make more drastic changes in their companies and consequent profitability.




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