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Will Ban on Generators Finally Fix Electricity in Nigeria?

The generator ban bill has passed first reading in the Senate. Another shocker and hope raising move by the 9TH Senate as the upper Chamber heard a bill proposing 10 years jail term for importers and sellers of electric generating sets (generators).

Wait a minute; I had to write this article outside to escape the heat in my room, having endured overnight. Sounds familiar?

Back to the topic, no doubt you as a Nigerian reader must have heard rumors/allegations that the big generator merchants and importers actually sabotage efforts to fix the country's electricity by simply bribing public electricity supply officials. If this is true, then an outright ban on their merchandise should finally silence them and move them out of the way of progress.

The bill in question was sponsored by Senator Birma Muhammad Enagi representing Niger South Senatorial district.

If we are to compare this ban with the Nigerian border closure, then it could be our saving grace. The border closure had forced Nigerians to consume locally made products and helped local industries to thrive. It is only normal for the electricity situation to be forced to improved if there are no other alternatives.

On the other hand, how annoying and frustrating will it be if after all these noise, the power sector turns out to be business as usual. We all know light and heavy industries, traders as well as households rely on generators to compliment the weak/irregular power supply.

I hope in the future we would not start wishing we had not banned generators import and sales if eventually electric supply remains "same" and many start looking for generators to buy.

You may call me skeptical, but the "light" came on and went off while I was composing this article thus, bringing me back to our Nigerian reality.

However, it is my heart desire to see this bill achieve its purpose of fixing the "Nigerian Power Supply."

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