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Easy and practical habits of wealthy people that help you become wealthy too

Rome my friend was not built in a day, so also wealth can't be built in a day. To climb this mountain of wealth you need courage and endurance, many fall, but only the strongest survive.

So listen son;

To gain wealth you don't need to dream only, you also need to be practical. Dreams remain in your head and in your mind, so no matter how wealthy you are in thought, it's only action that can bring them into reality and only then can men acknowledge you as a power house and as a wealthy person.

Climbing this mountain of wealth is not easy;

There are certain principles you need to understand and follow to get to the top and they are as follows;

1) Understand the secret of Time

there is a common saying that "time is money". As a wealth minded person, you must be very time conscious, sleep early, wake up early, go to work early this will help you settle in properly and think properly; when you rush things you tend to forget, skip and make unnecessary mistakes which can affect your job and business.

Also do not procrastinate, do it now and be free to do another, the more you keep pushing it, the more work load increases; leaving you with less time and at the end, you end up making a mess of it all.

You can't serve to masters at a time you can't be on your phone and same time attending to customers you will ruin it all. so understanding timing matters alot.

Note: You must have, speed and accuracy to create quality and quantity in short time!

2) Kill your pride

pride comes before a fall. it's common in Nigeria to see graduates carry files up and down I'm search of jobs, why don't you create jobs, everyone can't work in the office. Some say; how will I have a certificate and be a trader, but your a graduate and your hungry?. There are normal jobs which pay more that office jobs search for them, then apply the knowledge you got from the higher institution and see your work flourish. I once sold mobile funnel on major roads during my Internship, I was mocked by my course mates but I did not mind why?. I was buying at 150 and selling at 800, now see the profile margin, those laughing at me still come to borrow money from me to eat or transport themselves home. Please don't let the paper called certificate kill your destiny.

3) Be Greedy

I don't mean be covetous, I mean always want more. Even with the amount Aluko Dangote has, he is still working and wanting more. You just made one million and you feel you have made it in life, keep struggling and hustling don't be contented with where you are, you can achieve more if you put more effort so be greed always want more.

4) Don't be contented on past achievements

Wealth men don't relay on past achievements, else you will stop labouring and hustling; then you begin to fall gradually till you hit the bottom again.

5) You can't carry someone when climbing the mountain of wealth you only pull up

If you do this stop it. climb first then you can begin to pull your family and friends up, but if you keep carrying people the ladder will get weak and everyone will fall, so make it a gradual process when you climb you bring another to join you, now you have two ladders and you two can reach out to two more making it faster and easier to help.

6) Stop Lying 

it's a gradual process, lie - cheating - stealing = being totally dishonest. This will make no one want to help you and as such you remain poor. Remember a deceitful tongue has not true friend and lacks trust.

7) Think positive

As a man thinks in his heart so is he. Even Cain who was cursed by God himself was successful that he built a city which he named Enoch, do you understand what building a city means? 

Also Easu, who was cheat by his brother was still wealthy that he had 400 thousand solider so how much more you that Christ has died for ? always think positive, speak positive and work towards positivity and you will have a great story to tell at the top!.

8) Understand that Failure is a part of the journey to success

when you fail it means you did put much effort as required, but not in the right place or manner. So you change your approach and put in same effort then you will see the difference.

9) Put God First

Don't walk on your own knowledge, let God be your light and you will see so clear that you will not dash your feet on a stone. 

10) Be a Giver.

Blessed is the hand that gives that the hand that takes, this reason is why the rich keeps getting rich and the poor keeps getting poor. The more they give the more they get, you don't have so how can you give ?, So learn to give from the little you have so you can gain more.

The words I speak is wealth itself, listen and bring them to life

Content created and supplied by: Teddy-s (via Opera News )

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