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Npower 2020 Batch C: The Reason Why Your BVN is Needed During Npower Registration (Opinion)

BVN is an acronym for the word Bank Verification Number, and it was introduced by the Central Bank of Nigeria to control and limit illegal transactions.

The programs demands for the 11 digit number (BVN), so as to know the following;

1. Date of Birth: That is If you falls under the required age grade needed for the program, which is 18 years to 35 years old. From your BVN number it is very easy to get your details that was captured such as date of birth, so what you input as your date of birth is different from what is on your BVN details, you will be disqualify and screen out.

2. Your Full Name: Your BVN has your complete names, so if the names you input while filling the online form doesn't tally with that on your BVN it will make your application not to be recognised. You might do well in the aptitude test but your name won't be released.

3. Control the number of application by a single applicant: Most persons might decide to apply more than once, but with the help of the BVN such person(s) will be easily detected by the portal, no matter how they tried. So it helps to know the actual number of Nigerians that applied for the program.

There might be some other reasons that are best known by those that decided to make it one of the requirements, but the ones alighted above are some of the major reasons it is needed during the registration.

So if you are yet to register for the program due to fear that your BVN might be used for a wrong purpose, there is no cause for such fears because the intentions of the Federal Government of Nigeria is quite different. However ensure you input your 11 BVN digit on the right portal.

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