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Looking for extra income? This is perfect for you

The present economy of Nigeria is not one that encourages its citizens to have one source of income. With a minimum wage that is not more than $50 and a high level of unemployment, a lot of Nigerians are looking for ways to earn more money, and those who do not have a job are looking for businesses they can do to fetch them money. So there is a need to source for an extra way of getting money.

Dry Cleaning

It will surprise you to know that most corporate workers are too busy to think about dirty and rumpled clothes. So, they let dry cleaners do their job. You can start this business with less than 200 thousand Naira, but if you want to get a standard dry-cleaning business, 200 thousand Naira can do the magic to make your business fancy and appealing. Do not forget that a lot of corporate workers who can afford drycleaners prefer fancy ones.

Soap and detergent production

One need to go for training where you will be taught the chemistry of soap and detergent production before embarking on this type of business. The business is very lucrative. You can be producing liquid soap and be supplying to hotels and restaurants. Chemical like Caustic soda can always be purchase in small aliquot which is not up to thirty thousand naira (N30000).

Hair and barbing saloon

You can open and employ person or people to work with you. So, you don’t know how to do it, you can always learn on the field.

So start to enjoy your money.

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