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Common Mistakes Article Creators Make(OPINION)

Commons mistake I made On opera news hub as a creator

Opera news hub is Platform for creators to generate money with their article. I was actually referred by a friend who was making reasonable amount of money for the hub.

When I started posting articles on opera news hubs my first few weeks on the hub seem very stressful and frustrating because creating a good content article is not an easy things of which we all know how hard it is

My first payment on the platform was a total mess with a very discouraging outcome and I had to quit publishing.

It really frustrating to publish an article and get rejected by the platform especially An article u waste so much to try to compose and later to be rejected with the reason of been no original,I feel frustrated about it.

The rate of rejection,low reach,low clicks and automatically low payment those things actually made me to think of stopping the opera creator hub. In fact my first payment was #536.38."LOL" I guess You what it feels to recieve such amount as an Article Creator or a content creator, to be honest that really made made quit After a few months of Quitting I found out that I had flaws that made me go through all that low reach,click and low payment and after a long time later realised my mistake and poor Habit as an Article Creator, so said to be myself I had to do something about those mistakes and fix them,which I did and now am back to opera news This Months Not even up to a week and am getting some reasonable clicks far more better than before that I was just having 1000 to 5000 click per article with high number of rejected articles.

The mistake most content creators usually make are:

1.Copy and paste:Most Article Creator prefer copying From other websites or other other people article then post it.instead of creating a good and a credible article with a good Contents

2.Poor Caption(Poor titles ):Most of the reason why many articles at been Rejected I not because they are poor or Not original but Because of the Caption or poor written title Of that particular article. An article with a good title have more chances of acceptance,as a creator you need to Have a Good title for your articles before you even start writing the contents

3.Inconsistency of contents: As a good Content creator you are expected to have a consistant content in your Articles to avoid misleading your reader,is good your content to go along side with the title your article the strictly within the context of your Topic. Because an article with an inconsistent content I legible to Rejection. As a content creator your headline is expected to be in line with you

How will readers react to this article?

What is the benefit of the content?

What is the impact of this article?

Is the content helpful ,informative or annoying to readers?

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