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Check out the chat between a civil engineer and a client after building him these houses

There are lots of profession out there in which people get engaged in, some got the qualification formally while some got it informally by becoming an apprentice. Which ever the case maybe, the best thing is for a good work to be discharged which will satisfy the client and also make the clients to patronize the worker and also recommend his or work to others.

But something so hilarious took place between an engineer and a client. As we all know that civil engineers specializes in building houses, or any buildings for people. In the chat, the Engineer claimed to have a first class in civil engineering. From the pictures taken from the house he built, it can't be fully known whether it's an error or style.

The client started abusing the civil engineer and it can clearly be seen that the engineer response looks intentional and knowing as it was so hilarious.

Let's check out the chat screenshot here:

So what do you think about the houses and the Engineer himself?

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