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How to market your business online and get sales.

We're in a digital world, the world has evolved,Technology is taking over, new things are being invented everyday. If you get stuck in the old system, while others are looking for a way to change to the new system, you'll lack the practical skills and the technical know how on what this digital world brings. The digital world has really made things easier. Back in the day,Most artists get major sales from CD tapes, less from online platforms. Today, the reverse is the case. Things have changed indeed.We'll be looking at strategies on how you can market your business online, and gain massive sales.

1) Getting a website: While this might seem as an uphill battle for some, it is in many ways important and essential.

Having a website helps create awareness on the kind of products you offer. You can also make your website appear on the first page of Google, because billions of people use the internet daily, and it all begins with a search engine.Thus, creating awareness with your website, will really drive lots of traffic.With the help of SEO(Search Engine optimization), you're good to go.Agood SEO presence has the power to drive inbound traffic that could grow your business for years to come. 

2)Having a social media Bussines page: This is a great tool for those willing to sell their items online.

This tool is much more powerful if you have a website and then a social media page, in that case you can just post the link of an item from your website to your social media page so when your followers click on it, they will be redirected to your website.Purchase of an item can be made and delivered with ease. With this method you've turned your website into an e-commerce site.

3)Create a sales funnel:This is also an important tool.

When creating a sales funnel, they're strategies you use to attract the buyers attention, you know that feeling when some one visits your website, purchases an item, gives a wonderful review on your product, and then visits your website again to search for more items to purchase?

That feeling is ecstatic.Sales funnel helps you to know how to relate with your customers, helps to generate more sales, helps you gain new ideas and insights on how to expand your business.Ryan Deiss, co-founder of Digital Marketer often describes the sales funnel as a multi-step, multi-modality process that moves prospective browsers into buyers. I mean, most people accidentally login to your website, maybe they searched for a product using the search engine and Then bumped into your website.With the help of the sales funnel, you can take your business to the level of email marketing. When potential buyers login to your site, you can leave a pop up for them, where they'll drop their emails so you can keep them updated on new products.

4) Get licensed ads:This tool can expand your business if being used properly. You can purchase Facebook ads, Google ads, Instagram ads. Surprisingly, this method helps reach both potential buyers and non potential buyers(people who did not have any plan to purchase your goods)

I mean, you're all over the media.Gradually, Your business advertisment is paying off.Actually the cost of Google ads depends on several variables.I'll advise you to read on "Getting licensed ads"

What kind of business do you intend starting?

What kind of business idea did you come up with and now your idea is paying off?

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