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Foreign exchange

10 Strongest Currencies In Africa

Money is a very important tool used for the exchange of goods and services. With this regards, it has become part of the progress made by striving African countries.

In the olden days, goods and services were exchanged with a system called "trade by batter". Cowries later took over the worth and prices of items and services but gradually, it became an era of precious materials such as gold and silver. However, it eventually arrived at the use of money in notes and coins, and every father land began to have their own money also known as currency. Till date, currency is the major influencer of every African Nation's economy.

However, the value of currency varies among African countries. Below are 10 strongest currencies in Africa, also according to The Nation.  

1. Libyan Dinar: $1 = 0.77 LYD

It is the strongest currency in the continent and also exchanges Naira at the rate of 1LYD = N225

2. Tunisian Dinar: $1 = 4.75 TND

3. Ghana Cedis : $1 = 4.75 GHC

4. Sudanese Pound : $1 = 6.4 SDP

5. Moroccan Dirham: $1 = 16.2 MAD

6. Botswana Pula: $1 = 10.7 Pula

7. Zambian Kwacha: $1 = 10.02 ZMK

8. South African Rand: $1 = 4 SAR 

9. Eritrean Nafka: $1 = 15.0 ERN

Egyptian Pound: $1 = 17.8 EGP

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