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Why N-Power Failed Batch A & B And Needs Rebranding.

I recently decided to check the goals and objectives statement of n-power on their website: and below is the mission statement or goals of the programme.

What N-Power Say's They Are About.

"Skills and knowledge are the driving forces of economic growth and social development. Despite the current high level of unemployment, harnessing Nigeria’s young demography through appropriate skill development efforts provides an opportunity to achieve inclusion and productivity within the country. Large-scale skill development is the main policy thrust of the N-Power Programme".

 After critically analysing this proposed goal for the programme and it beneficiaries,i came to realize that this goals and objectives where achieved to it barest minimum, it success is questionable and could be categorised to an extent a failure in terms of it administration and without much anticipated progress by beneficiaries when it began.

N-Power Biggest Success.

The greatest area of success for this programme in my opinion is in terms of skill and knowledge acquisition for beneficiaries.

I would call it a success because beneficiaries where given platforms and devices during training,lectures and materials to aid them during their work even if most batch b haven't received their devices up till this day.

Why I Think It Failed Batch A & B.

The moment the management and Federal Government decided to exit beneficiaries without absorbing them permanently into the civil services marked their biggest failure over the duration of the programme.

 N-power was introduced to provide jobs for unemployed graduates,craftmen,non-graduates and as a skill learning,training and development programme for beneficiaries at inception.

Below are few reason for branding it a failed programme after using it mission statement as a yard stick to draw my opinion,

 1). The N-power programme was meant to create jobs for both graduates and undergraduates who are beneficiaries, which it did but after 2+ year,it is sending them back to unemployment without any progression towards permanency or startup capital.

2). It failed to achieve it goal of inclusion of beneficiaries in the nations productivity circle,after beneficiaries were trained,acquired skills,developed and used it for over 2year but would all have to start over again due to their unplanned and untimely exit from the programme.

3).With the exit of the beneficiaries from the previous two batches,more jobs have not been created for Nigerian youth but just a change/replacement of old personnels for new personnels.

4). Well the irregularized payment problems,timing and unpredictability of the period of payment is one aspect we would never fully understand about the programmes overall management.

 In summary,the programme included beneficiaries economically,then excluded them again.

N-power created temporary minimum wage paying job for two years and sent them all back to unemployment again without compensation.

N-power provided a means for beneficiaries to acquire skills and knowledge but not the startup capital to permanently establish businesses by beneficiaries.

 What N-Power Should Do For Batch C.

  In my opinion,for the incoming batch C of the 2020 n-power programme to be an amazing successs and a life transforming programme,the following should be done:

1). All n-teach beneficiaries should be absorbed into the civil services by gradually easing them in over the course of the programme, afterall old teachers retire, we barely have enough teachers in our public schools.

2). N-tax beneficiaries should be absorbed into the federal and state revenue board to increase it workfore and aid tax collection and revenue respectively.

3).N-Agro beneficiaries should be given startup capital loans and farmland for agriculture which woukd increase our farm produce.

4). N-tech beneficiaries should also be able to access startup capital loans to setup tech establishments and tech hubs.

5).N-health beneficiaries should also be absorbed in the federal and state medical centres and facilities to help improve the nation's health care sector.

 In conclusion,the only way this programme can become an epitome of success is,if it is used as an avenue for learning,apprenticeship and a springboard into the civil services for beneficiaries before they are absorbed permanently by government and access to low interest loan as startup capital during the course of the programme and not wait till the end of batch c.

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