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Top 30 Micro And Small Business Ideas For Everyone.

We are in the world where majority of the population are not employed, either personal business, or official businesses/jobs.

Youths who are done with their studies mostly find it difficult to get jobs and this has affected many lives generally.

However, there are some certain things we have neglected as individuals.

There are lots of skills required in the world today, such that no matter the situation, it will be requested for.

Likewise, with the massive development of science and technology, there are some opportunities we have been provided with, and yet, they have been totally neglected.

However, we still have much opportunities to get them to work for our benefit.

Either you want to work for yourself and be a sole proprietor, or you want to work under someone, be it the government, or any organization, there are 30 business ideas that we can utilize and therefore make a living from it.

Although, you might see it as 'useless', but if you check through, you will get to know that it's either you have the skill, and can utilize it, or you already have the idea, and you can make it work with your resources, or it is a service that is mostly required in your community/surroundings, but you've never paid attention to it.

Thus, below are top 30 Micro and Small Business ideas that can help youths, and elderly people get to put their skills and resources to work:

1. Freelance Graphics Design

2. Freelance Websites Development

3. Social Media Management

4. Digital Marketing/Influencing

5. Home Tutoring

6. Freelance Content Writing/Copywriting

7. Resume Writing

8. Footwear Production

9. Perfume/Fragrance Retailing

10. Fashion (Dress) Designing

11. Tour Guide/Trip Planning/Travel Consulting

12. Private Chef

13. Small Chops Vendor

14. Corporate Catering (Office Lunch Delivery)

15. Event Planning (Parties, Weddings, Birthdays e.t.c)

16. Children Day Care/Babysitting

17. Photographing/Videography

18. Care Home for the Elderly

19. Home Laundry Pickup and Delivery

20. House Cleaning

21. Massage Therapist

22. Interior Designing

23. Mobile Hair Barbing

24. Mobile Hair, Face/Cosmetic Beautician

25. Small Business Tax Accounting

26. Admissions Essay Writing/Proof-reading

27. Virtual Assistant

28. Uber/Bolt Driving

29. Farm And Agribusiness Consulting

30. Healthy Lifestyle Advisory/Gym Instructor.

Have you noticed that these are things you've seen people, heard, or seen people do?

They are actually services required in this 21st century, and can never be underplayed.

So, you can put your skills and resources to work now and start earning for a living.

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