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See how you can stop losing your hard-earned money

The poor lose more money than the rich, meaning that, the percentage loss of a poor man regarding the money he has is greater than that of a rich man.

Hard-earned money or cash is described as money you worked hard for or to get.

The poor have no financial education and her therefore trapped in every ponzi scheme, online investment scam and some other huge loss even in their business compared to the rich.

I am not saying the rich don't lose money but the point is they know better on how to manage funds, investment and business with the financial education they have at their disposal.

Start doing these things:

1)Buy assets and not liabilities: Asset is anything you have that add money to your pocket. Buying of assets is same as investing ones money.

Note: Liabilities take money out of your pocket. You keep spending money on that thing.

2)For every income, you should SAVE: You need to save for every amount you earn.

3)Invest in your financial education: This is what will help you keep and grow the little you have.

4)Set a spending limit: If you don't set this you will jeopardize every effort you make to save.

5)Read business books and attend business seminars and webinars.


Financial success is available to everyone who is willing to save diligently, invest in insured opportunities, work hard and smart, and spend cautiously.

Towards your financial freedom...

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