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(Opinion) How I Wasted 5 Years Trying To Make Money From Sport Betting

First of all, I would like to say that TRUTH is the road to salvation. But unfortunately, the reality is something most of us don't want to acknowledge.

 I have been playing gamble since 2015, striving to win huge. Little did I now realise that if I have been saving the money used in gambling my life would be better of 

today. If I had saved a standard of 1,000 everyday for 3 years, today I would been a millionaire. Believe me or not, my average betting per day is more than a thousand naira. And sadly enough, I don't have 10 thousand naira in my bank account as I am writing this.

 It was today that I made the decision to stop betting before it damaged my life and future. I am 30 now, no flat of my own, no girl friend, no money in bank, I have a laundry business. 

All I do is make money and waste it to betting. Please all I need is your guidance, and if there is a life coach in the house please connect me.

Thank you, with courage i shared tears writing this

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