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Stop Throwing Away Plastic Bottle Of Minerals, You Can Make Thousands Of Naira Through Them

It has become a common acts to us, in the sense that we do throw away the plastic bottle of soft drinks and table water we bought after consuming them. Recently, it has come to notice that we can can make money through this empty plastic bottle we do throw away.

I know you might be wondering how that can be done, and in what way you can make money through the plastic bottles you have been throwing away all this while. That is why I put up this post, so you have to exercise patient and continue following up this article.

For a while till now, some people have been making thousands of money through these plastic bottle, but shockingly majority of people don't know about the business. And after researches carried out by me, I have come to discovered that people who know about it tends not to let the public know about it, due to the fact that they don't want many people to be involved in the business also. So for the benefits of others who are ignorant of it, that's why I composed this post inorder for them to know about it and its benefits also.

Many a times, you see some people in the street collecting uses plastic and piling them up in the sack, and you tend to look down on them without you realizing that they are making huge profit from it.

So you can make money from these used plastic by selling them to these plastic recycling companies which are Chanja Datti cooperation limited, Ecofuture Nigeria, Greenhill Recycling, Verde Impacto, Shongai packaging industry limited, Aigle De Lynx international limited and so on.

And all these bottles are being recycled into other new materials by the companies who bought them. And the products they are being recycled to are brand new bottles, plastic bags, insulators for sleeping jacket, plastic chairs, rubber shoes and others plastic related materials.

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Plastic Bottle Of Minerals


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