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Stop These Five Habits If You Don't Want To Die Poor

Stop these five habits if you don't want to die poor.

Wait, do you still want remain poor for the rest if your life? If Yes! am happy to tell you this article is not for you, but if your answer is No! please read this article to the end and share to your love ones.

In this article, i will be revealing to you five habits you need to avoid if you want to be free from poverty. Here are the habits below;

1. Stop focusing on linear income

Yes, stop focusing yourself on linear income instead, focus yourself on passive income.

Some people focus theirself on linear income all in for the sake of salary, incentives, allowances and other one-off payment of which is not suppose to be. You're working for those who focuses on passive income, very soon you're going to become old and leave the job or the job can liquidate at any point in time.

Here is what to do, invest and continue to reinvest in yourself as an entrepreneur, pursue your dream, read, meditate, visualize and inspire yourself.

2. Stop buying liabilities instead, spend on assets

Liabilities and assets are two different words: Liabilities takes money out from your pocket while assets adds money to your wallet by appreciating (increase in price).

Poor people are fond of spending money on liability, stop spending money on things that will drain your pocket.

Part of liabilities are cars, you spend money on fuel and maintenance while assets are houses, land and others, those things appreciate with time.

So therefore, invest on asset if you don't want to die poor.

3. Failure to save 

Some people spend money the way they see it forgetting things won't be the same way it's for life.

No matter the amount of money you make daily, weekly or monthly, try and make sure you save part of it.

Challenges can just come up at any point in time and you may need some little money to survive.

So discipline yourself by saving part of your earnings.

4. Keep good people around you

Check the kind of people who surrounded you, check the friends you mingle with, don't just spend your time with anyhow people/friends instead be with people who adds value to your life.

Don't be with friends who ask you to spend money on stupid thing, be with people who push you and motivate you to success in life.

5. Stop complaining and take responsibilities

"Life is too hard", "Things are not easy for me", "Why is this happening to me", "This money is small for me". Have you ever utter any if those words or utter any words related to that?

Let me tell you, if you refuse to do nothing, nothing will change, stop the complaining and find solutions, take responsibilities and change your non-productive habits today.

I hope you're motivated here, do not forget to share to your love ones.

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