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Greed, the Most Common and Fastest Destroyer of Wealth (Opinion).

Greed is an intense and selfish desire for something, anything especially wealth and power. The Yoruba’s known greed as ‘olojukokoro’, the Igbo’s refer to greed as ‘Anyaukwu’, the Hausa’s call it ‘Hadama’, the French translation is ‘Avidite’.

I see no other reason why people participate in get-rich-quick schemes if not greed. Recently, there was a bitcoin scam that happened on twitter where the perpetrator made away with as much bitcoin as he could. How did he achieve this? He hacked into the Twitter accounts of influential people, requested the bitcoins with a promise to double it, and so many people yielded.

These influential people included Bill Gates, Barrack Obama, Elon Musk, Kanye West, Jeff Bezos, Kim Kardashian, among others. How would all these rich people come in a day and decide to double people’s bitcoins? There was someone that said she gave out all her saving and I was shocked. Like, come on why would you even send all and not part of it if you must.

If you weren’t greedy or blinded with the fact that you want to get riches at any cost, you would know that nobody (especially rich people) would ask you for money to give you money. That is why there are things like giveaways, you might be asked to perform some tasks, not to bring money to double your money.

Another fact we should note is that investment is not about making money but about growing wealth. There have been so many videos of people who have been scammed of their savings, all in the name of investment. We have heard cases of invest five thousand naira and get ten thousand naira in thirty minutes and people still dive into it even after they’ve heard stories of how people were scammed.

There was a viral video of a WhatsApp chat where a lady was crying after been scammed of the money she borrowed from someone to “invest as they would tag it. The lady was crying and begging to get a refund even if it was three-quarter of the money, only to be replied with audio mocking her.

The bottom line is to be extremely careful to avoid greed because that is the only thing that can push one into get-rich-quick schemes. Eventually, if those people are caught, do you think you would get a refund?

There you have it guys, what can you say, is greed really a destroyer of wealth?

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Thank you for reading.

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