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This is the best way to avoid being scammed through your bank account.

Some of us have had instances where a person will call, claiming to be from the bank, tellling us that our atm has been blocked, the date of birth is incorrect, incomplete registration and all what nought. Not knowing that these are scammers, some have lost their money, giving these scammers the information they need, to steal money from people's accounts.

So many people must be wondering what they can do, to avoid being scammed of their hardearned money, through their bank accounts. So in this article, i am going to outline a very simple measure to take to avoid stories that touch.

The step is this: Ignore anybody who claims to be from your bank no matter what he/she says.

Any supposed 'issue' you have with your account, can be solved in the bank itself. No matter what information the person reveals about you, do not respond. Just don't give the person any reply. Any available chance you get, use it to go to the bank to confirm if what the person is saying is true. It's as simple as that.

Remember the most important thing: Do not tell the person anything!

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