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5 Things You Should Have Before Drinking Beer (opinion)

It is a known fact that people drink beer in our society. It is everywhere. Both men and women drink it. It is mostly sold and taken in a place known as beer parlor. It can be taken in any time of the day but the best time to drink it is after work.

In this post,I will be showing us five things to have before spending your next money on beer. This post is not meant to send anyone out of business but just to advice us. No long talk, here are they:

1. You must have a good job/source of income: How on earth would you be poor and still spend your money on beer? Think about it. This is not a good decision to make. Make you it is your spare money you spend on it. It is only poor people that spend what they are suppose to save on unnecessary things.

2. You should have self-control: You wouldn't want to mess yourself up. Have you seen men who having taking bottles of beer turn themselves into laughing stock. These are men with wives and children at home.The manufacturers of this drink do warn that it should be taken responsibly. Why the rush? You must have self-control before thinking of taking beer.

3. You must have your house: This is very important. How? Let's do a short calculation here. A bottle of beer as at now cold 200. How much is a brick of cement? Same price. If you take 2 bottles a day. You already know the result already. Before you turn yourself into drunken master, ensure you have a roof over your head. Do not use your enjoyment to cause trouble for your wive and children.

4. You must have good conscience: I have seen men who neglect their family only to go on drinking spree. They spend all their income on beer only for their wives and children to suffer the consequences. This is bad. You must have good conscience. Good conscience will tell you that you should attend to your family first before any other things.

5. You should have no debt outside: This is very important. Make sure you are debt free. Do not use the money meant to service your debt to drink. You wouldn't want to end up behind the bar.

Kindly pass this message to all men and friends who take beer without putting all these into consideration. Thanks. Follow up

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