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MISTAKES people make when going for a dinner job interview and their correction.

Majority of men and woman really have a good qualification, a good experience, and a good sense of dressing, but most of the time the host is not just lookin at that he/she also looks at your ETIQUETTE

Etiquette means the formal rules of correct or polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession.

The list of mistakes men/woman make and their correction:

1) Entering the restaurant or venue before your host.

Do not enter the restaurant before your host because your host may have booked a table down for the interview or meeting and you don't want a situation whereby you sit on a table and a waiter comes to tell you to stand up or embarrasses you.

Correction: You can wait in the car for your host to arrive then you enter or you stay around the restaurant.

2) Never sit on a sit you were not ask to sit on.

Correction: You ask your host politely "sir/ma please where do you want me to sit" or better still let your hosts have their sit first then you sit on the nearest available sit.

3) NEVER ask to much from the menu.

You are going for a job interview and not eat like a hungry person, when you are been given a menu the best thing to order is either a bottle of water or a glass of wine or even a fruit juice except your host insist on a particular meal.

NOTE: if you are a host make your you visit the restaurant a day or two before the job interview to get familiar with the restaurant menu.

4) If given a variety of food on the table do not eat.

Most people make this little mistakes which disqualifies them, fr instance you are given a soup, spinach or a meat on a stick, it is better you stick to the glass of wine you order or the bottle of water, because if you are not carefully the soup may spill on shirt or skirts or the spinach may be stock in between your tooth and you may have a tough time trying to get it out or the meat on a stick when you are through with the meat where will you keep the stick. So I think prevention is better than cure.

5) No matter how good or sweet the wine is do not finish it at least a little should remain in the cup and DO NOT fill a wine to the peak of the cup.

Try as much as possible to take a glass of wine though out the hole interview.

NOTE: never order for a alcoholic drink you do not want to give your self a bad reputation, and always take extra cash with you anything may happen.


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