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How to Survive during Pandemic as an Entrepreneur

It can be scary most times when you don’t know what to expect, but be rest assured that you can not only survive but you will get through this. I understand that all of us are going through a lot right now, but I’m very optimistic, that we are going to get through this.

Let me share few thoughts and ideas I have that will help you get through this, I’m not a medical professional, so anything I mention regarding Coronavirus are basically my opinion.

My first thought is, this will pass.

There are seasons in life, things happens, things get resolved. Also specifically, this is a virus, a virus is something that dies away, it will crop up for a while, we will learn how to deal with it, maybe a lot of people will be sick but it will pass. There are things to keep in mind, first of all, an encouragement is that we will get through this because if we are not thinking about the future, then we might make a lot of short time decisions based on circumstances and that will serve us a long term.

If we want to come out stronger in all of these, we need to have that future mindset. We need to focus on where we are going to be as humans in few years from now.

Prepare now, so at that time, we will be in a better place, we wouldn’t have made that short term decisions that will handcuff us at that point in time or might be difficult to deal with. We wouldn’t be dealing with the negative consequence of ill decisions we make now. Be encouraged and prepared.

My second encouragement is, you can become successful

Did you know that most big and successful companies started during a time of recession and depression. It’s proven that in time of economic downturn, there are a lot of unique opportunities out there. When there are more problems, there are more opportunities.

Opportunities literally are problems. When there are opportunities, there are literally problems to solve. When things are tough, that means there are more problems to solve. That is why so many successful companies have been started during tough times. That means if you have right mindset during all of these, you can truly come out stronger on the other side, you can make the best of this. You can find opportunities in this situation that you can ever come across. Always remind yourself that so many successful companies started in tough times like this. Encourage yourself to look for those opportunities and take advantage of the situation.

You can take advantage of the situation and really step up and serve people in a unique way. Take ownership of that entrepreneur spirit, talents and start helping people. What I mean by helping people is solving problems, either by selling physical products or by providing some sort of service. People pay companies to solve their problems for them, and that’s how businesses create value and people pay them for that value. And as an entrepreneur, you job is to create that value. Every successful entrepreneur or CEO out there started where you are right now or far below. That is, they don't have business; not even having an idea for any business. Don’t let that stop you because you can absolutely succeed.

Another point is, maintain positive mindset

You need to focus on positive things, stay focus on looking for opportunities. Like I said earlier, opportunities are problems, when something present itself like this is a problem, switch your mindset right there and look for opportunity that’s in it because that’s where the opportunity is. So if you are going around looking for opportunities, look for the problems.

Look for those small little opportunities, the small problems, start there and then build from there. If you come across someone struggling with a problem, chances are there that so many people out there are having those challenges as well. You can come up with innovative solutions to solve the problem with the focus on helping others. You might not come up with those brilliant ideas instantly right now but if you start finding those opportunities, you will start finding them.

Here are list of the few things you can work on in your business right now

    i.       You can work on your social media handles. If it’s not representing you well as it should, work on it to explain to people what your business stands for and how you could help them, and be fully up to date. So people can find you especially now that people come online a lot.

   ii.       Work on getting your product online, instead of selling to few people locally, take advantage of social media for wider reach around the world.

 iii.       Create marketing campaign or build a sales funnel – work on your content, create video for it and advertise or launch your marketing campaign.

 iv.       You could create digital services for your products. Maybe you are used to serving customers in a physical location, this is the right time to create some sort of digital product. You can create an online course, you can write an e-book, and you can start a membership site or group, so you can be selling around the clock. If you don’t want to create a digital product, you could alternatively offer some sort of digital services. Maybe there’s a skill that you have, this is the awesome time to start sharing that service online or at least get it set up to do in the near future.

  v.       Work on your contracts or if you work with individual client in your business. Like a photographer or web designer, make sure that you get paid and your customers get satisfied. You need to work on improving those contracts, so that they are air tight. So that your business could be more successful.

 vi.       Work on learning – this is prime time to work on learning, it will be a foundational work for you to be successful in the future. If you can learn new skills now, then you can be able to put them into practice to grow your business bigger and become more successful down the road. Don’t ever underestimate the power of learning.

As a wrap, the question you can ask yourself is how you can uniquely serve your customers at this time. Think of what you normally do for your customers and how maybe their needs have shifted at this time because of the circumstances. You have to think of how you can uniquely serve them and maintain relationship with them.

Nobody knows know long this pandemic is going to last, maybe months or years, especially on the long term effects on the economy.

As an entrepreneur, become innovative, don’t be discouraged.

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