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Success is a journey, not a destination.

I wish to state my opinion clearly concerning these topics that says success is a journey not a destination. But I will like to pick it one after the other.

Success: it is a state of progressing, it is also entail when you are seeing the positive results of your work. But you achieving success does not mean that you have made it in life. Look at our enterpreneurs like mark Zuckerberg, Jeff bezzo, bill gate etc, today they are successful. Being successful does not mean that they have stopped working.

You will not believe that they are working every hours to achieve success. Jeff bezzo is being rated the richest man in the world as of today. He is the founder of the Amazon company, if he stops working. Because he made success, it means that Amazon company will collapse.

He persisted in working to show you that success is never a destination, but it is a journey of life. Same thing applicable to the other enterpreneurs.

Journey:it is a continuous movement which you have not reached your destination. When you talk about journey, as a hustler you will not stop until you achieve your result. You continue to be in a journey, because you will believe with me to achieve success is never an easy task. You will see somebody on the street trying to make it in life that process is a journey.

Destination: is process that you have gotten the result that you wanted. Destination is same as success, you reaching destination means that you have reached your success.

My question is why is that our enterpreneurs don't stop when they have achieve success, am waiting for your answer.


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