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5 Years UK Visa Or 10 Million Naira to Start Business in Nigeria, Which One Will You Choose?

If you are to Choose between 5years UK Visa and 10 million nairas to start a business, what will you choose? 

Everything is hard, the economy is not doing well, you have money to live large, you need to buy car and house and at least get married, you also need to take good care of your ageing mother and all other things I can't mention but the government are not helping, one can hardly get a loan to start a business and you also need to know somebody that knows somebody that knows another body before you can get a job, but for all the listed problems, some people are still making it. As harsh as the economy is, some people are still buying cars and houses. 

Let just assume that you were giving an offer to travel out if the country or start a business, what will you choose? 

Actually, its a Visa to the United Kingdom. The UK is no doubt one of the most beautiful countries in the world, a lot of football club is there, you will put on multiple dresses because of the cold weather.

Probably it would be easier to get a job there but I need you to understand that they spend Euro there (the euro is more valuable than a dollar). Maybe you didn't get my point, below are some pictures of the beautiful UK:

And a whole of 10 million nairas for you alone, to do what you like with, no collateral no interest no returning back, just a gift.

I need you to see beyond travelling, many people who leave in the UK today are not richer than otedola, so if you take up the money you can start a befitting business here just like the richest man in Africa did. Apart from that, you will be close to your families, you can easily drive to your village to see mommy and daddy and you don't have to learn others language to survive. Rather than being an employee in another man's land, you will be the employer of your own people. When your ten million grows to become ten billion you will be sitting and dining with billionaires like Dangote and otedola. 

Below are some beautiful photos of Nigeria:

Let go back to the question, if you are to choose between 5 years UK Visa and 10 million nairas to stay in Nigeria, What will You Choose?

I would like to see your comment on this topic

Kindly share with all your friends, let us see what they will choose. As for me, I will choose the money what about you? 

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