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Npower: Permanent Job Is Not Possible For Exiting Volunteers, GEEP Loan Is A Good Option (Opinion).

Recall that the officials of Npower program earlier announced plan of exiting the beneficiaries of Npower batch A and B. The exit of these batches from the npower program was to pave way for others who are yet to benefit from the program to benefit.

Ahead of this disengagement of npower beneficiaries, the federal government introduce the GEEP loan. GEEP loan is a micro credit to be offer to those that will be exiting the npower job. The loan is to help the exiting npower volunteers to start up something in the sense of earning their living.

However, reactions has trails this government plan of disengaging the beneficiaries of npower and offering them loan.

Many who reacted to this, attest to the fact that those npower beneficiaries are young and vibrant youths of the country, who should be given the opportunity of working permanently. Their idea is that government should offer a more of permanent job to all the exiting beneficiaries.

Others see nothing wrong with the disengagement and also welcome the idea of GEEP loan, but question the amount to be realize from this GEEP loan. According to set of people, they hold that 300k or 500k loan is not enough to set up a business, and that the government should consider a bigger amount to be offered as loan.

My Opinion:

This article wishes to stress that permanent job is not likely possible for the exiting beneficiaries. The opinion is owing to the fact that, it was part of the agreement between volunteers and the federal government of Nigeria that every successful candidate who got the Npower job, shall serve the country for not more than 2years. That is before another set get selected to replace them.

The clamoring for permanent job by those exiting volunteers is not possible, due to the fact that the volunteers are expected to have save some money from their allowance since the beginning of their service. As such will provide the opportunity to set up a business before the agreed two years elapse. 

Currently, the country is experience financial shortfall due to the pandemic. Therefore, recruiting thousands of citizens for permanent job is not possible as this will cost the government a lot. And may even land the country in debt. Therefore, the idea of GEEP loan is the best and good option for the Npower exiting volunteers.

It's advisable that the volunteers embrace and appreciate the GEEP. Perhaps push for an increase in the amount of the loan.

GEEP loan can in deed help the individuals start up something, or boost their already set up businesses. Permanent job is not likely possible for exiting volunteers, especially at this troubling time of the pandemic.

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