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10 things you must do when you become rich- Principles of the rich

It has been proven overtime that money can easily develop wings and fly away when certain principles to sustain it are not followed. This is why there are lots of people who used to be rich but are either struggling to maintain the status or have become poor within a short period of time to their own amazement. Others who had fleet of cars sold them at a cost far lesser than the cost of purchase or market value. 

This is largely because while they were rich, they engaged in frivolities instead of adhering strictly to the principle of the rich.

Below are 10 principles of the rich, the very rich and the extremely rich. You can add yours in the comment section.


Most people can be rich with what they have but they they don’t know. The temptation to begin spending money lavishly becomes very high in some people become rich. Many see rich people as those who spend money extravagantly and owning flashy, expensive, and exotic fleet of cars, but this is not totally so. A rich man have enough savings to sustain him when there is a rainy day. Never Spend all you have. A rich man saves more than he spends. Do not spend on things that are not budgeted. Most rich people save more than 50% percent of their income but most poor people spend all they have with the excuse that it is not enough to cover their expenses. Understand that no matter how much you earn, it will never be enough to solve all your problems so start saving today. Your savings is your greatest asset.

Don’t be stingy to yourself 

Many poor people are stingy to themselves and to others. They The rich are not stingy to themselves in fact the extremely wealthy are not stingy at all; they are liberal. The rich look good, smell nice and appears expensive. This is why they are able to attract those who are richer or as rich. You will agree with me that there are some places you can enter when you dress in a certain way or when you drive a certain kind of car. People may not have conversed with you but your appearance has given you some kind of respect. Buy good cars and look good and the rich, very rich and extremely rich will be your friends. Invest in yourself today.

Surround yourself with success-oriented people

This is the major reason why the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer. The rich mingle with the rich and the successful with the successful. This is like an unwritten law hence the rich gets richer. The rich marry the rich, relate with the rich, party with the rich, do business with the rich and dwell among the rich. Doing this propel them to always do all that is within their powers to remain rich in other to keep enjoying the privilege of being rich. The rich send their children to the best schools attended by the rich. No rich man’s child attends schools attended by the poor. This is a way of ensuring that your children think like the rich, live like the rich, speak like the rich and eventually become rich.

Give to the needy

The rich gives to the poor. Although many of them do not do this always, there still many that do this massively. This is one of the surest way of remaining rich for life. Giving to the poor or needy is like lending to God. This is the lifestyle of the rich.

Make your family and if possible close friends rich too

This is the code of the rich. Failure to do this will make you become poor within a short time as your will need to shoulder all the burdens of your family and friends alone. Your money diminishes with the speed of light. The rich, very rich and extremely rich are wise enough to know and do this. Even if you decide to ignore them, your children may suffer from it.

Give yourself a treat outside your country 

The rich does this like a religious practice. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. The rich are aware that traveling is a way of sustaining wealth. It gives them the opportunity of meeting people, cutting deals, signing contracts, seeing businesses that exists in other places and bringing such back to their locality thereby diversifying their investments.

Invest in at least 5 different type of business including real estate 

Many people seem to automatically lack smart ideas on how to grow their wealth or what to invest on. In other not to be a former rich man or woman, you must invest. The purpose of saving your money besides rainy day is for investments. Besides other investments, the rich are careful to invest in real estate as it is not affected by economy or recession.

Track your progress 

Rich people monitor their progress so they don’t become poor suddenly. This they do via keen analysis of their business growth.

Educate yourself 

Make sure you know something about everything and everything about something especially in the areas of your business investments. It is true that you will need to hire experts in various fields to oversee or supervise your businesses, but it is important you know so much about the business so that a manager who is not upright will not capitalize on your ignorance and run your company aground. Be wise and educate yourself today. Be vast, be articulate, be an island, be a reservoir of knowledge and money will never depart from your account.

Pay your tithe faithfully 

As controversial as this may be,the extremely rich pays his tithe faithfully because he knows that it is God that gave him power to be rich. The rich do not argue about the subject rather even intentionally increased it from the normal 100%. This is the lifestyle of the extremely rich.

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