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Shoemaking, the extremely lucrative business ignored by many Nigerians.

Before I begin, I would like to make it clear that a shoe maker is not a cobbler. A Cobbler reshapes and repairs while a shoemaker designs and creates.

Getting an entrepreneur skill, is a necessity for every Nigerian. Many people had always had problems with chosing one, but today I'll introduce you to the most lucrative of them all, Shoemaking.

The only thing required to become a shoemaker is creativity and small capital. The materials required to create a shoe are very cheap.

How many times have you bought a brand new shoe below N12,000? But those shoes only costed the shoemakers involved not less than N5000 to create.

At the end of every month, a shoemakers income is even higher than some government workers own.

And besides, unlike other business which stand a risk of going into oblivion, shoemaking is always going to be there as long as man keep on putting on shoes.

If you noticed, it seems as if I focused more on mens shoes. But women shoes are also include. Theirs are even more costly than mens.

I hope at this point, you are now fully aware of the financial advantage shoe makers are entitled to. Thanks.......

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